Thursday, 4 September 2014

Suggestions about how to better use CAD to achieve the 3D modeling

Aug 23, 2014-USA-In addition to the better performance on 2D drawing, the CAD software could also be used for quickly building the simple 3D model. The application areas include the commonly areas such as modern panel furniture and metal parts. As the introduction from the editor of the famous freely 3D software online supplier, the advantages of the CAD 3D modeling include high efficiency, precise size, easily signs marking, convenient drawing and modeling. On the other hand, the CAD and 3dmax are the software of same company so this software has very good high compatibility. Except for the advantages, the CAD 3D software also has many Disadvantages. The function of its complex model surface modeling is not perfect and people could not use it to establish the complex model. No matter what kind of situation, this is one of the very convenient modeling software. Today, the famous online cad software supplier will introduce with people how to use the CAD to build the 3D models.

First, people should switch the mode of the CAD software to the 3D viewing mode. And then, they need to open necessary shortcut toolbars. The commonly used 3D modeling tools include the modeling tool, entity editing tools, visual style tool, viewing tool and UCS
After the basically preparation, people should pay more attention to the 3D modeling ideas. Now, three main modeling ideas have been listed below.

The first modeling idea is stretching. People should firstly draw sectional views of the model and then use the surface domain tool to build closed line into the three dimensional objects ( Through the special drawing tools, the 3D model will be easily established. The shortcut of Domain is REG and the shortcut of Stretching is ext.

The second modeling idea is rotation. People should firstly draw half of the painting section. By rotating the model middle line, people could establish the 3D model. The ¡°center¡± of the drawing could be rotated from 0 to 360 degrees. On the other hand, the rotation for the different the centerline could help to build the different models. The rotating shortcut is rev.

The thirdly modeling idea is the Boolean operation. For the building of these complex 3D models, people should often need to use Boolean operation which includes the collection and set and difference set. The using method of the Boolean operation should be the same type in various free 3d design software. Each people should not be worry about this problem.

However, if people want to CAD modeling well, they should pay enough attention to the practical exercises for this software. Then, they also need to have clear idea and mind. If people meet with the problems that they don't understand, the boldly asking is very necessary. To believe in yourself, and stick to a period of time, every people will learn CAD modeling well.

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