Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Spiritual Reading - The best way to Read A Spiritual Book

How many spiritual books have you study? Possibly hundreds. Of these books, how numerous have you chewed their contents, digested them and really lived them? I think that when you are reading a great book about spiritual power, the goal is usually to be the book as an alternative to just read the book.

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Take the Ten Commandments. Just about every person has read them, but how a lot of can say "My life is usually a moving, living, breathing image on the Ten Commandments?" When you are reading a very good book about God's power in your life, wouldn't you rather say I am living the book as opposed to just I've read the book?

Beneath are 4 ideas that should aid you move your reading of spiritual books from the rush-read stage to the life-change stage.

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Tip #1. SLOW Study. As opposed to rush-reading your book, take it slow. A slow-read of any book on spiritual power makes it possible for you to totally digest the contents in the book. A slow-read may perhaps mean that it'll take you months to study the entire book. That is okay. Each of the whilst, you happen to be living what you may have study. By the time you happen to be midway through the book, you might be living far more powerfully than you ever thought feasible.

Tip#2. Stop! As you slow-read, a phrase or sentence will pop out and grab your focus. Don't hold reading. Stop. Sit with these words. Contemplate them. View them from every single angle. Do not rush by way of this process.

Tip#3. PRAY. Now take these few words, or sentence into silent prayer asking for deeper understanding of those words. Wait expectantly to become God taught. You could possibly not "hear" anything appropriate away, but that "still compact voice" will speak. It will open new doors of understanding and revelation.

Tip#4. Stroll. Yes, walk the study. Ask oneself, "How am I going to reside this passage in my day-to-day living?"

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