Monday, 15 December 2014

How to Remove the Spray Top from Old Perfume Bottles?

Nov 26, 2014-China-Many perfume brands come in a standard spray bottle that spritzes out a pre-measured portion of fragrance with each push of the pump. Although the spray tops work well, many people prefer to pour the perfume into a decanter type bottle instead. To do this, the spray top of the old perfume bottle must be removed. Although the actual spray nozzle pulls off easily, removing the rest of the spray top takes a little work.

Step 1: Place one hand on the plastic spray nozzle on top of the 50ml perfume bottle. Place the other hand on the perfume bottle itself.

Step 2: Pull straight up with your hand to remove the nozzle from the perfume bottle.
Step 3: Use a pair of scissors to cut away any plastic encasement surrounding the neck of the perfume bottle. A pocket knife can be used if the scissors are difficult to maneuver.

Step 4: Use the tip of the pocket knife, or scissors, to carefully pry off the metal section adjoined to the neck of the perfume bottle. Insert the tip of the blade under one section of the metal and gently pry upward. Repeat the process around the entire neck of the perfume bottle. Do not try to lift the knife too much as this will break the bottle.

Step 5: Use pliers to grasp the metal piece and gently pull up and away from the perfume bottle. Do this carefully to avoid breaking pefume pacakage as well as spilling the perfume. At last, the famous perfume bottle supplier hopes these factors could help each people who use perfume every day.

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