Monday, 15 December 2014

How to Start a Plastic Recycling Manufacturing Business?

Nov 30, 2014-China-Used plastic can do more than take up space in landfills. Manufacturing companies have turned recycled plastic into benches, fenceposts, bottles, drainage parts and even insulating fleece for clothing. Opening a recycled-plastic manufacturing business won't be cheap: You'll need money to set up a facility and equipment such as plastic film blowing machine, hire employees and buy plastic scrap to recycle. You'll also need to comply with the paperwork necessary to start your business. Steps include registering a company name, filing articles of incorporation if you choose to incorporate, and taking out a business license from your local city or county government.

Draw up a business plan for your plastics manufacturing company. Your plan will spell out in detail what exactly your company will do -- for example, whether it will sell recycled plastic sheets for other manufacturers to use, make finished products itself or do both. Find a source for your feedstock, the industry term for the recycled plastic you use for raw material. You can contract with another company to handle its waste plastic. But if your partner fails or cuts its waste stream, that could cause supply problems. Buying from a wide variety of suppliers or from government recycling programs is safer.

Sign up customers. Before spending money to set up a manufacturing plant such as purchasing the, you need to know that you have customers willing to pay for your plastic output. Your business plan will tell you how much you need to sell to be profitable; your feedstock suppliers will tell you how much plastic you have available to sell.

Buy or rent facilities for your company. You'll need somewhere large enough to store your plastic supplies, hold your manufacturing equipment and employees and to hold the factory's output until you ship it to your customers. The location should be compatible with environmental and zoning rules, but also close enough to your customers that shipping costs don't break you.

Install manufacturing equipment in your factory. Unless you're subcontracting part of the operation, you'll need equipment to sort types of plastic, shred it, wash it clean of contaminants and remold the usable plastic into new forms. Federal regulations set many health and safety requirements for manufacturing operations, so you must set up your operation to comply with the law.

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