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1st-tap: Instructions about steps for the bathroom bidet taps installation

OCT 25, 2014-UK-At the late 17th century, a man from France invented the bidets which become very necessary device for personal cleaning to genitalia and buttocks area. Nowadays, the special designed bidet faucet which could release the up spraying water let this bathroom bidet become more convenience and comfortable. For each consumer who already purchased the hand held bidet faucet from , the installation should be the most concerned problem they need to face. However, the installation for this part is not a difficult task and people only need to know some basically skills. The information listed below is the probable installing step for the bidet taps. Furthermore, different sorts of bidet faucet may be differed slightly in the outside and inside design so each consumer should carefully read the installation instruction from the package sent by 1st-tap UK.

First step

Before the installing process, please firstly close down water supply. Then, people should used the wrench and a screwdriver to remove the hardware in the faucet socket and then carefully sort out impurities and wasted objects in and around the tap socket by using of cleaner water and clean cloth.
Second step

After the basically cleaning, people could put discount LED taps into the socket and then whirl faucet into the socket. After this step, people should firm the bidet faucet by tighten the plastic nuts with the adjustable wrench. Then, please seal the bottom of the bolt by wrapping the special material plumber tape.

Third step

During this step, people need to solve the water supplying. First, people need to connect water line with the bidet faucet bottom. Then, people should install bolts into the inlets at the faucet bottom and secure them by wrench.

Fourth Step

First, please carefully remove the flange of the bidet so as to let people the pop up assembly and other faucet accessories. Second, please install the gasket, washer and e pop-up at the correctly position and screw down the nut. Last but not least, please carefully remove the tailpiece from the bidet and wrap it in plumber tape and then replace the tailpiece.

Fifth Step

First, people should screw the former removed flange which bottom has already been coated by silicon adhesive back after the installation of the pop-up parts. Then, please install the guide rod which has directly connection with the bidet activated switch.

After the guidance by the following information, each consumer could easily finish the installation of the bidet faucets. If there are other problems, please do not hesitate to get contact with


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