Thursday, 20 November 2014

The waterproof function should be the newly future trend of the smart phone industry

Nov 9, 2014-China-The application of the waterproof phone in life could indeed provide with people many benefits. For example, if people accidentally overturn the water cup on the phone, they should not worry about the related damage to their mobile phones. On the other hand, people can also talking on the phone while they are bathing.

The reporter from famous wholesale waterproof phone online supplier said that he saw people drop their phone into the toilet for many times. On the other hand, the child accidentally splattering with orange juice is also very commonly. So, the waterproof phone should be the future trend.

So, which factors could determine whether the phone is the waterproof cell phone or not?
First, the ultra-thin fuselage should be the indispensable factor. Compared to these former heavy, thick and short waterproof phones, the modern technology could keep the better waterproof function with the thin body.

Of course, these electric digital such as have to make some concessions to ensure that the mobile phone will not easily be water penetrated. For instance, some phone¡¯s active ports have been sealed with plastic and the trouble is that every time they need to connect cable or charge these covers should be firstly removed.

However, at present, there is a premise condition for most of these waterproof android smart cell phone covers with the main waterproof function. It is that these phones could not be putted about under the water depth of one meter. That is to say most of these normally phone could not be suited for the deep water environment.

Although most of these so called waterproof phones could not be suited for the deep water environment, the supplier also makes great effort to achieve standard. Some of their special waterproof phones already get to this adversely standard.

Overall speaking, the technology of the waterproof phone should be certainly the bright future of the smart phone industrial. Most of today¡¯s people need this kind of fashionable and practical electronic products. Recently, these main manufacturers for the waterproof phones already begun their new competition for the occupying for the market share for this industry.

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