Friday, 28 November 2014

Canvas print of famous Girl with a Pearl Earring has been widely welcomed by consumers

Nov 23, 2014-USA-For each house owner, the selection for the suitable canvas print should be the very good object to decorate their room style and then improve their living environment. The dropship canvas prints should be very good choice for these house owners. The canvas prints from this China supplier have been widely accepted by their consumers. Now, this article of from their official blog will introduce with each house owner one of the hot selling canvas print of this month.

The mostly welcomed canvas prints factory of at this month is the Girl with a Pearl Earring painted by Vermeer at 1665. This oil painting has been occupied by the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in The Hague Murray Theis. As the introduction of industry insider, this classical painting could be regarded as crucial work of the Dutch painter Vermeer. The focal point of this painting is a beautiful and young girl who wears pearl earrings.

The background of this oil painting is dark background which would set off the side appearance of the girl in the image of this oil painting. After the publishing of the oil painting for about more than three hundred years, most of artists are very marveled about this oil painting, which the soft clothes lines, earrings brightness, especially women sideways back attracted many art lovers.

Compared with the famous oil painting Mona Lisa, this oil paint which name is Girl with a Pearl Earring has been more widely welcomed by consumers all over the world. Now, if people want to get cheap price canvas prints of this famous oil painting, please visit website
This article will also tell people the personal information about Johannes Vermeer. As the historical record, this painter is one of the greatest Dutch painters. Many works of Vermeer are mostly the custom theme dropship canvas prints which are essentially based on the public everyday life of people. Most of his works could give people the feeling of warm, comfortable, quiet and solemn. All of his works?¡¥ factors show with people Dutch?¡¥s clean environment and elegant and comfortable atmosphere preferences.

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